Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Makeup Artist and My Little Town

My Sunday Sketch was done in colored pencil and Sharpie and was inspired by Erik Ace SobeArtist's profile pic on Facebook.

Last night at Sabores I ran into a lot of old faces (no pun intended, although the crowd isn't necessarily young...mixed, actually), people I hadn't seen in a while. The ambiance was perfect, the karaoke songs brought back sweet memories (Steven, if you're reading this, when you surprised me with that favorite one-hit wonder of mine, I wanted to cry), and I could think of no better way to spend my last Friday night in Miami.

It's amazing how in a room full of music and noise, if the moment is right, you can block everything out and engage in a deep, thought-provoking conversation. I did just that...not once but twice last night.

In this world where oftentimes people are not what they appear to be, it's refreshing to meet the real deal, kindred spirits...homies.  Whenever I find people I connect with on a deeper level, the world is a better place. I look forward to making more friends like this where I'm heading.

When I left, the streets were dark but I got a view of the shops and restaurants on Curtiss Parkway, the gazebo on the circle, the bridge to "La Ciudad del Progreso." I took it all in. I felt like the woman from my Paralegal Studies program a few years back. We were all walking through the campus on the last night of class when she stopped suddenly and screamed, "Wait! I have to soak it all in! At my age I'm not planning to ever go back to school so I want to remember this place, this moment, you guys." I'm paraphrasing, but you get the idea. 

With me it's not so final and I'm not as dramatic but I do want to soak it all in...and meet more friends for grits before I leave!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vilma and The Bridge

For me, moving from Miami to Tampa feels like I'm leaving a charming bad boy and going for the good guy next door...the good guy with a little spice.

Speaking of spice, here's an Alien Angel I call "Vilma," my subject for this weeks SOC5 challenge. I used a purple Foray pen along with Dahlia Purple and Sunburst Yellow colored pencils.

This portrait is also my subject for Kim Dellow's "Show Your Face" Friday.

As much as I'll miss my cafecito at every street corner, family and friends of many years and the Spanglish I've come to know and love, I know it's just a car trip south. Honestly, I feel I have the best of both worlds since everything is within driving distance.

One of my favorite parts of the drive back and forth is going over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Here's a pic I took on the way to Tampa on Sunday.

I had no idea (until my son told me) but apparently it's known as "Suicide Bridge," and an average of eight people a year jump to their deaths 197 feet down. Miraculously, there have been a few survivors and when interviewed they all thought "it was a very bad idea" immediately after stepping off the ledge. It's heartbreaking.

In May of 1980 the bridge collapsed after being struck by a cargo ship. A Greyhound bus, six cars and one pickup truck plummuted into the water and only the driver of the pickup truck survived. Here's another lucky driver who stopped 14 inches away from the edge of the bridge that day.

(Credit Eric Mencher, St. Petersburg Times)

Normally ships pass through just fine.

As much as I love the view from above, I now think of those who didn't make it down the road whenever I go over it and if I were ever to see anyone get out of his/her car on top of this bridge, I wouldn't let it go and assume it was car trouble; I'd be making a phone call.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Side Job Application

I found a Social Media/Blogger position posted online and decided to submit my resume and see what happens.

Along with my CV, I included a cover letter with the link to this blog. As part of the application process, they are asking me to do something unique and unexpected that will make me stand out.


I've decided to make the Creative Director of the company my Sunday Sketch subject. Let's hope the website I found for the company is current because if not this post is rather pointless and just plain sad.

Before I go, I want to wish you darling daddies out there a wonderful Father's Day! Enjoy your Sunday and have a fun-filled week! ♥

Monday, June 15, 2015

Pretty in Two Pinks and an Orange

This week's Summer of Color choices are two pinks and one orange and for the above sketch I used a pink highlighter, a Prismacolor blush pink colored pencil and a Prismacolor orange thinking, this palette is so not me.

With my hair color I try to avoid wearing pink, but some chicas know how to rock it. There was  Molly Ringwald in "Pretty in Pink"...

...and Molly Ringwald in "The Breakfast Club."

....and I think it was just Molly Ringwald who dared to wear pink with red hair.

The only time I wore pink was in the garden at the Dali Museum in St. Pete posing next to a Picasso bench. It felt surreal. 

PS - Check out Molly Ringwald's column when you have time. She gives great advice! (Thanks, Joey, for letting me know about it.)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Misty and The Bag Lady

Misty is so happy she made it into a Tampa neighborhood without any issues she's kissing "The Bag Lady," my Sunday sketch. All my art papers are packed so I worked on whatever I could find.

It's going to be a while before we're settled in, but we're ready to go. Well, part of me is ready; the other half wants to keep having farewell breakfasts with friends.

Anyone else want to meet me at The Cozy Corner for grits??

PS - I'm so happy Nadine is blogging again; I love the way she tells a story. Please stop be and visit her sometime and let her know I sent you...and have yourself a lovely little week!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Color of Summer 5 and House Hunting

It's that time again when we celebrate the colors of summer with a six-week challenge and this week's color palette is as follows: 1 blue + 1 blue + 1 green. The above sketch, "Waiting on a Home," was done using True Blue, Pigma Micron blue and Willow Green. 

This chica is thinking she'd like to find a place to hang her hat only she can't find a home and she can't find her hat. It's been that kind of week.

However, after spending the last few days meeting with realtors and home owners, I finally have a place to call "mi casa" and you know what they say...mi casa, su casa.

¡Bienvenidos! Come visit! Bring gifts!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Esperanza and Misty

If it's within the boundaries of the school my son plans to attend, the HOA won't allow huskies. If they allow huskies, not only is the school an issue, they want us to sign a one-year lease.

We're looking for a rental home or apartment for no more than seven months. You'd think it'd be easy but no, this sweet, angelic face is a deal breaker.

Not really. I found a great realtor yesterday who is working with me, trying to get us exactly what we need. I'm feeling hopeful.

PS - The above chica, "Esperanza," is clearly not Cuban; she's a day early for the Sunday sketch. ;)