Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sketchy Night, Fat-Bottomed Girls, Tamales and a Spider

This is what happens when you start doodling on a long, quiet Saturday evening in the house you grew up in while your mother falls asleep watching the story of Don Francisco on Univision. You end up with a freaky Sunday sketch.

And this is what happens when old friends get together at a cozy Cuban restaurant on a Friday night and sing a Queen song.

(Image has been posterized and resized to protect the innocent...and btw, we're all innocent. Please read disclaimer on the right if you believe you recognize anyone in the photo.)

I was in town to meet with a realtor now that the house is ready to show and I took the opportunity to revisit some of my favorite places, like the best tamale store in South Florida...a little green market on the corner of SW 73rd Avenue and W. Flagler Street.

Friday night at Sabores with old friends, 70s and 80s karaoke, Cuban dishes and's a big part of what I miss about Miami. Below are some of the characters that give Miami Springs its charm.

Speaking of charms, take a look at this thoughtful gift my mother gave me:

I adore it! Nothing says I love you like a spider in an amber pendant.

I'm back in Tampa and enjoying my new adventures here, but Miami will always have a special place in my heart, not to mention La Ciudad del Progreso.

Enjoy YOUR adventures and may the road rise to greet you! xo

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Salt in My Tears

Since it takes me a good 40 minutes with traffic to get to work, I've been spending a lot of time chatting with friends on the commute. Btw, early a.m. is a great time to catch up with those you care about and a nice jump start to your day if you're like me and like to mix good conversation with espresso and driving.

The above Sunday Sketch was inspired by a talk I had with an old friend about bad relationships and wasted years. I got to thinking, is time ever wasted when you grow and learn from a negative experience? I think it's more of a waste of time thinking about it. Being free from a toxic marriage is a blessing and the focus should be on new adventures and creating a long bucket list...while you still have good legs and don't need Aricept.

..."I'd had enough of the rain and the thunder
I lost track of the time and I wonder why
But I won't cry for the wasted years
'Cause you ain't worth the salt in my tears."

(Song by Martin Briley, 1983)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mona de la Mata

This close-up of a larger piece I'm working on was inspired by a reference photo on the Paint My Photo website of which I am a member. It's also my Sunday sketch  for the week.  I don't know if it's because I lived in Miami (North Cuba) for so long, but does that sound right..."of which I am a member?"  Riot Kitty will know. 

Mona de la Mata mean Monkey of the Tree in Spanish and because the image I used was of a chica lying on a tree and Mona is a female name, it works. Laying or lying on a tree? Lord, help me; grammar used to be my thing.

It doesn't help that I have a NyQuil hangover and it's too early to be typing on a Sunday.

As for you, stay healthy and enjoy your week! xo

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Serene Sirenita

We're having a busy three-day hockey tournament weekend, but I found time to get back into my Sunday sketches. This one is entitled "Sirenita," which means little mermaid in Spanish...but when I hear that name, I think of "the serene one." She can be both.

I don't get to travel on country roads all that much, so I appreciate the scenery when we drive anywhere north of Tampa. This was my view for a good half hour yesterday:

It's beautiful and relaxing but after trying to find a shortcut to my brother's house and feeling a little lost for a minute while the GPS recalculated itself, I started having visions of Malachai from "Children of the Corn" chasing after us with a pitchfork. I realize I'm a city girl at heart; yes, you can take the girl out of Miami but...ya tú sabes.

Happy Long Weekend! xo

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Little Sketchy

This Sunday sketch is entitled, "I'm Not Bad, I'm Just a Little Sketchy," and it happens to be the front of a card I'm sending a California pal...because there's nothing like finding a handwritten note and drawing from a faraway friend among a sea of bills and junk mail.

My signature bubble is on the left of a larger thought bubble meant just for the recipient. I can't share everything here on this blog, unless I go private...but what fun is that when random people, lurkers and old boyfriends can't find you?

Btw, when was the last time you wrote or received a handwritten letter?

This chica is not only bringing sexy snail mail back, she's bringing it cross-country.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Juanita Jones and The Wetlands

Sounds like a girl band from the 80s but no, Juanita from Ybor City is my Sunday sketch. How she manages to keep her hair bouncy with all this heavy rain I'll never know. Being a flirty chica from Havana, maybe she teases it.

Speaking of teasing, the sun keeps peeking out at us, just enough for a short bike ride to the lake and back, and it's a little frustrating because we're close to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country and we've yet to see a full hour of sunshine.

Here's a pic of the lake before an afternoon shower. I love how the Goya green complements Juanita's Red Tuscan hair on this post, don't you? 

Time to venture out again (to buy a new umbrella and a Welcome mat for muddy shoes), but first I'll leave you with a work in progress of a 36" X 48" painting I'm working on for the Tampa Bay Lightning/Amalie Arena exhibition, but I can only show a part of it. Yes, another tease.

Wishing you and your loved ones a sun-shiny day from the wetlands of Tampa Bay! Stay dry and beautiful! xo

Friday, July 17, 2015

Ventolera and Tampa Times

I'm back...using this week's Summer of Color palette, two oranges and a blue. I chose pumpkin orange, regular orange and indigo blue colored pencils by Prismacolor for "Ventolera," which means wind gust in Spanish...and that's just how I returned to town this week.

Seriously. This was my greeting yesterday:

Fortunately, when my mother came for a visit last week we had more sunshine, although my patience was tested.

We lunched with my brother at a lazy river restaurant where they rent canoes and kayaks, the service is friendly, the veggies are fried and everyone's happy.

What's that Stephen King quote, "People think I must be very strange, but that's not true; I have the heart of a small's in a glass jar on my desk."  Something like that. 

Well, I keep the heart of a small boy, my cellar with the aging reds. ;)

Speaking of aging reds...

Here we are, my mom and I, in my favorite tapas restaurant in St. Pete, which happens to be the only tapas restaurant I've been to in St. Pete. Notice the beautiful Spanish chica on the wall.

Mi mamá se enamoró con Oxford Exchange, as I knew she would. Who doesn't love a bookstore/antique shop/restaurant/coffee bar and tea house connected to each other with beautiful architecture and comfy seats?

You never know what interesting gifts you'll find...

...or what book will spark your interest. Apparently, they have a book club I need to check out.

We both enjoyed our afternoon with Chihuly. Check out these glass masterpieces.

The ceiling below is similar to the Chihuly pool liner. You can read more about it HERE.

Whether it lines the bottom of the pool or adorns the ceiling, it's mesmerizing.

I could post more pics and share more stories, but enough about me and my transition (I sound like Caitlyn Jenner), how are YOU??

PS - I'm linking "Ventolera" to Kim Dellow's "Show Your Face/Art It Friday!" Have a great weekend! xo