Saturday, April 5, 2014

a nook or a spot in the middle of it all

In my last post I mentioned wanting a studio and possibly taking over the foyer...and guess what? It's happening! Right there, right next to the picture window.

My son saw me setting everything up this afternoon and asked, "Why don't you look outside and paint what you see?" Well, unless a Johnny Depp lookalike decides to pose nude under the palm tree, I don't think that's going to happen. As much as I appreciate landscapes, I'm no Bob "Happy Trees" Ross! I prefer people and I plan to go more surreal and paint my dreams because acrylics can help me do that faster than a pencil (although I will never say goodbye to the pencil).

We have a wedding to attend in the Bahamas this summer, but when we get back we're looking for a friend for my husky, Misty. The house just isn't the same without our lab, Brady, and if we can rescue a dog from a shelter that can bond with us, that's the route we'll take. Life is sweeter with a dog (or two, or three...) and when I saw this amazing video today it made me want another one NOW!

Btw, here's my wip done in colored pencil...which I may put away for a later date. I'm anxious to dip into the acrylics!

Wishing you a great day and I will visit your blog soon! xo

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Miami Mixer

We had an excellent time at the exhibit over the weekend and these are some of my favorite pics:

The closing reception is April 4th, so there's plenty of time for you to come down, visit me and check out all the wonderful artwork. Book your flight NOW!

I've also been keeping busy with the ALF, teaching my daughter to drive, and spending quality time with the kids now that it's Spring Break...while they still like hanging out with their cool mom. Yeah, right.

I also continue to draw almost daily, although I should be painting. I just feel that for painting I either need a studio or my own work space, a nook, SOMETHING. I may just take over the front room so when people enter I can welcome them to my studio rather than home (although it would be both). I find nothing wrong with having a wip (work in progress) greeting everyone at the door...right next to the hockey bag and jerseys. We just need to throw in my daughter's tennis racket, some balls and my husband's exercise bike. Doesn't that sound cozy?

Btw, someone asked for a quick way to hang drawings for an exhibit without spending a fortune (I forget whose blog post it was) and I didn't have an answer then, but you can see in the above pics that clip frames will do the trick, especially when you're short on time like I was. There's nothing like a matted frame (if you have time and don't mind spending the $$); it really makes a piece come to life, but these inexpensive ones by Ambiance work just fine.

Here's another wip, "Sirena" in colored pencil:

She was a quick post for Gritty Jane's 40 Portraits Challenge. She's #9 and we can take our rush. Please feel free to click the link and join us if this sort of thing appeals to you. Less is more in drawing but more is better (and inspiring) when it comes to portrait challenges.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sophia, Psycho Books and The Miami Mixer

This drawing was inspired by Sophia Loren or as I like to put it, "It's Sophia Loren trying not to look like Sophia Loren."

This quote started with a Johnny Depp lookalike on Miami Beach a few years ago. I thought it was the real Johnny walking down Lincoln Road (wishful thinking) and my friend, Holland, pointed out that Johnny doesn't walk like that, dress like that, blah, blah, blah. I said, "Of course not, he's trying not to look like himself so he doesn't get recognized!" We had a good laugh over it and now it's become a private joke that's not so private anymore...or funny. It kind of lost its flavor but I like the quote.

At the moment I'm glued to a new book, a real page turner this time, Beautiful Malice.

What are YOU reading? Any recommendations? I'm going back and forth between Life by Keith Richards, which I can't seem to get through within a reasonable amount of time, and psychological thrillers.

Btw, here's another thing happening Friday night...

If you're in my neck of the woods, please stop by and say hello, view some cool artwork, mingle with a fun crowd...drink a little vino. I'd love to see you there!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Goodbye, "Handsome"

My yellow lab, Brady, passed away this morning after being diagnosed with aggressive lymphoma in early January.

It is a sad day for my family and me, but we are at peace knowing he is not suffering.

On a positive note, I am participating in an exhibit in downtown Miami on Friday called "The Miami Mixer," where I'll be showing Maleficent Miami (the finished portrait from my previous post) along with two other celebrity portraits. My daughter and I stopped by the studio to drop off my drawings this afternoon and it felt good to have her with me.

More pics to follow. Wishing you a good week.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


This is Angelina Jolie as "Maleficent," once again. (I've sketched her before.) It's the start of a drawing; I still have to darken her up and add a background, maybe even a neck.

I believe the movie comes out in May, which should be good. They couldn't pick a better actress to play the Sleeping Beauty villain.

Here's my other drawing of her from last year. Spooky eyes.

Btw, I went shopping for a new iPhone case this afternoon and guess what? I bought the same one my husband has without even knowing it...out of all those cases! That tells me two things: I have my husband's taste (in phone accessories only!) and I'm totally clueless when it comes to what he owns. We would so lose "The Newlywed Game," but I would win "The Wife Who Couldn't Give a Rat's Ass Who Her Husband Texts and Messages" award. I'm one of the few married woman in Miami who doesn't check her husband's phone, which is crazy and a little sad (for them, not me), and it's not a matter of trust either; I'm neither suspicious nor interested.

I don't even know what color my parent's kitchen is and I'm there a few times a week. My son could draw Scooby Doo from memory, but I didn't even know his collar had aqua and yellow and his initials right on it. I need to get more with the program.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

scarlet and señorita

We didn't win the state championship (lost in the semi-finals) but we're heading to Districts on Thursday for having won the most league games in our I'm happy.

I'm also happy because I got to meet blogger friend, Señorita, for the first time here in Miami this afternoon. She is more beautiful in person and so funny and full of life, stories, a true pleasure. Here we are up close and unphotoshopped.

I think I'm going to make it  point to meet more of blogger at a time, so LOOK OUT! lol

Thursday, February 27, 2014

"It's over?"

That's what my final "29 Faces Challenge" sketch seems to be thinking.

I had to post this quickie because I'm trying to get myself better (feeling under the weather) so I can be in good shape for the youth hockey state championship games this weekend. Game one is tomorrow night and I hope they win so I can celebrate...with Nyquil and a hot bath!

Here's the month in review...29 faces in 28 days. Did it!