Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Vilma the Vamp

Here's a quick sketch of "Vilma" in raspberry, tangerine and a pop of lemon for the final SOC4 challenge.

She looks a little spooky. Sometimes my chicas don't look all that warm and friendly. They have issues and some of them are worse than others but they're all beautiful on the inside, trust me. Even the ones that look like vampires wearing makeup.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Camila, the Warrior Chica

"Camila" is a survivor and she was inspired by a friend who relocated to Miami to start a new life.

I admire women (and men, for that matter) who've overcome adversity, maintained their sense of humor and used their "challenging experiences" to help others who are going through rough patches.

I think this appreciation goes back to my early childhood. I had some trying moments as a toddler (when I came to the US without my parents) and with the help of some good people, I made it through the chaos with few battle scars. There's always hope and love can blossom at unexpected moments (and not just romantic love, but genuine "brotherly" love). I believe in adventure-filled middles and happy endings, like "Camila."

Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 5: Matilda

This is "Matilda" done in this week's SOC, royal blue and a splash of light blue using watercolor pencils. I also used a water brush I found in an old junk drawer. I'll have to experiment a little more with it to get it to do what I want because it's handy, especially for my on-the-go lifestyle.

My daughter and I started planning a trip to Los Angeles for August this past weekend, but now it looks like her friend is unable to make it and the main reason for going was for them to be a part of a beauty event at The Reef, so it looks like we may just have to wait for next year since it's an annual event. Most 17-year old girls aren't able to fly across the country on short notice, and I can totally understand that. I didn't make it to London until after my second year of college...and what an adventure that was!

At what age did you venture off without your family and where did you go? I'm curious. :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Week 4 - Treena

This week's colors are pink, apple green and a pop of dark green, so I sketched "Treena" for Summer of Color 4 in colored pencil. She looks like she knows something or she's flirting. Maybe both.

This summer is supposed to be about experimenting with new media and I go back to the colored pencil. Somebody stop me!

Actually, I still don't have time for set up or clean up, so I'll have to stick to dry media until I have more at-home time. While traveling, I'll carry a brush in my art bag for those rare moments (where I use the cap from a water bottle as a container with water-soluble pencils). Whatever works.

A couple of the residents at the Assisted Living Facility love my chicas, always wanting to see my latest portrait. Even the one with dementia doesn't forget to ask and I find it so cute and fascinating. I've always wanted to photograph them to work on their portraits but they make me feel like the paparazzi invading their privacy whenever I come in with a camera. I have to be a little more sneaky, I suppose.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Red Violin

This is what I was talking about in my last post, combining my love of art and journaling to create these chicas who share excerpts. I pulled this quote from one of my old journals and I purposely made the words very light; some will be darker but I prefer a subtle message. I'll also use what others tell me, things that have either moved or inspired me, made me laugh or made me think, but nothing famous (no movie lines or song lyrics).

Eventually, I'd like to experiment more with texture and mixed media work.

I'm calling my little 6" X 8" book, "Read My Face." I hope you like where this blog is going. If not, don't let the cyber door hit you on the way out. ;)

Seriously, I hope you stick around. It can't hurt. ♥

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Late-night Thoughts and Jasmine

When you can't sleep you think of things...the past, the future, the things that happen in-between.

Last night I thought of all the friends (and occasional strangers) who share intimate details of their lives with me. Some do it to vent, for advice, to validate an opinion or maybe to just hear themselves talk. I always listen, unless it gets too repetitive and negative, in which case I tell them they're being too repetitive and negative. I have to be honest; no one wants to listen to people complain about a situation they have the power to change yet refuse to take the necessary steps to do so. I get tired of hearing the same old stories, unless they're told by a fascinating old person, and aren't all old people fascinating? The ones that aren't crabby, I mean; no one likes a viejo cascarrabias.

Last night I came up with an create something like an art journal, but not exactly. I'll show you when I get the thoughts out of my head and onto drawing paper...but just know that I'm excited about it because it's something new and a form of journaling, which I love to do (I even have a book I've written in shorthand, which holds all my secrets), but because of my limited time and my love of art, I stopped doing it. Now I'd like to merge both passions to see what develops. Stay tuned.

For now I leave you with "Jasmine," who was sketched with marker and colored pencil last night. She has her own stories. ;)